Senior Leadership Team56-2566AE3432
Mrs H Hampson - Headteacher
Mrs S Forster - Associate Headteacher
CatherineMiss C Ryland - Assistant Headteacher for Teaching & Learning to raise standardsMrs J Jervis
Mrs J Jervis - Pastoral & Safeguarding Manager
Mrs H Kelly - Business Manager
TeachersMrs L Arthur
Mrs L Arthur - Nursery
Mrs S Burns
Mrs S Burns - Reception and EYFS Unit Leader
AmyMiss A Nixon - ReceptionMiss A Green
Miss A Green - Year 1 and Unit 1 Leader
Miss A Taylor
Miss A Taylor - Year 1
ShirlyMrs S Davey - Year 2suzanneMiss S Prendergast - Year 2DickinsonMiss R Dickinson - Year 3Khatun Miss R Khatun - Year 3OmaraMrs A O'Mara - Year 4
Ward-LynchMiss Ward-Lynch - Year 4helen-walker
Mrs H Walker - Year 5
Miss S Zamir - Year 5
Miss G Atherton
Miss G Atherton - Year 6
Miss F Lees
Miss F Lees - Year 6 and UKS2 Leader
Miss C Curtis - SENCoMrs H Boden
Mrs H Boden - KS2 Literacy Intervention Teacher
Miss D Kimberley
Miss D Kimberley - Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Delivers PPA)
Miss R Fraser
Miss R Fraser - Senior Teaching Assistant (Delivers PPA)
Miss R Mather
Miss R Mather - KS2 Leader
Teaching AssistantsMs S Edwards
Ms S Edwards - TA for Reception
Miss J Eko
Miss J Eko - TA for Reception
Miss T Jeffreys - TA for Nursery
Mrs J Ogden
Mrs J Ogden - TA for Nursery
HannahMiss H Mayall - Early Years Apprentice
FaithMiss F Jackson - Early Years ApprenticeAbiMiss A Mayall - Teaching AssistantMrs L Wharram
Mrs L Wharram - Part time Teaching Assistant
Miss H Oates
Miss H Oates - Teaching Assistant
Mr J Watson - Teaching Assistant
Miss J Midgley
Miss J Midgley - Teaching Assistant
Miss P Brookes
Miss P Brooks - Teaching Assistant
WorbzMiss M Warburton - Lead TA for BehaviourMrs L Knowles
Mrs L Knowles - Lead TA (English as an additional Language)
NelsonMrs J Nelson - Intervention & SENBowmanMiss L Bowman - SEN Teaching AssistantMiss L Smith
Miss L Smith - Intervention & SEN
WesternMrs L Western - SEN Teaching AssistantMrs S Griffiths
Mrs S Griffiths - SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss S Macpherson
Mrs S Macpherson - SEN Teaching Assistant
ORDIIIIIMrs M Ord - SEN Teaching AssistantCROSSIIIIIMrs M Crossland - SEN Teaching AssistantMiss V Robinson
Miss V Robinson - SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss C Sewell - SEN Teaching Assistant
Miss L Mayall
Mrs L Macmeikan - SEN Teaching Assistant
AndrewMr A Gilberston - Site ManagerKatrinaMiss K Wren -Speech and Language TherapistGailMiss G Samuels - Place 2 B School Project Manager
Reception StaffMrs J RaineMrs K Fairbrother