At Higher Failsworth we have a Pupil Leadership team. This consists of a Head Boy and Head Girl and their deputies. Children in Y6 nominate themselves to be Head Boy or Girl and make a speech to KS2 pupils in assembly. Pupils then vote for the candidate who they think will represent school in the best way.

Speeches took place on 28th September.

The role involves:

  • Setting an excellent example to other pupils
  • Creating & developing ideas for maintaining and improving Higher Failsworth Primary School
  • Meeting with  the Headteacher
  • Chairing School Council meetings
  • Being an ambassador for the school at events
  • Ensuring Prefects are performing their roles appropriately
  • Reinforcing school rules

What are we looking for?

  • An Always Green pupil 
  • A pupil who always wears the correct uniform 
  • An aspirational pupil with high standards and expectations of others
  • A confident speaker 
  • Someone committed to the improvement of Higher Failsworth Primary School.

Congratulations go to:

Head Boy – Tommy W

Head Girl – Ruby H

Deputy Head Boy – Blake C

Deputy Head Girl – Lyla B

Prefects – Amiyah W, Oceane H, Lareen A, Caitlin C, Laila C, Cayden G, Leo S