Each class from Reception to Y5 appoints 2 School Council members to represent them.

The School Council meets once a month.

The agenda is set by the Pupil Leadership team in conjunction with the Headteacher.

The School Council meetings are Chaired by the Head Boy and Girl.

School Council Members

SunstoneFrankie WOliver B
MoonstoneHolly LBailey P
AmberLauren HKyle H
TopazSophie WCayden G
PearlDylan REvie L
DiamondLacey HHarvey L
CoralMia STayh K
SapphireMason BJemma W
Emerald Yusaf GEllie B
AmethystRobyn CJoseph R
AmetrineBradley BAaliyah H
KyaniteCharlie HCatherine S