Assessments are carried out as soon as children enter school. These are known as Baseline assessments. During the Foundation Stage (nursery and reception) teachers and teaching assistants are continually making observational assessments. In Key stage 1 and 2 teachers will undertake formal assessments at various intervals during each term.

Every term the Headteacher meets with class teachers to discuss the attainment and progress of each child. Children whose level of attainment is significantly above the national expectation for their age will be identfied on our Gifted and Talented register.

Teachers differentiate learning activities and lessons to meet the needs of all pupils. Children usually fall within a similar level as some other children and are therfore grouped together. Children who are gifted or talented in a particular subject will have specific work planned for them and they may also be withdrawn from class occasionally.Chidlren always remain in the year group appropriate for their age rather than their ability. Children are not moved up or a year or kept back either.

When teachers identify a gift or talent such as playing an instrument, dance, art or another sport then they will encourage the child to continue this outside school.