Curriculum Enhancement

At Higher Failsworth, we believe it is vital that children are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences and develop skills that will support them throughout their lives. Due to this, in addition to our exciting and stimulating curriculum, we also provide other opportunities to enhance the children’s learning where ever possible.


At Higher Failsworth, we are lucky enough to have a fantastic stage set up complete with lighting and sound equipment to put together some incredible performances. All of the children in school take part in their own performance each year and share this with the rest of the school and their parents and carers. From amazing actors to terrific technicians, we have it all!


Over the last few years, we have worked extremely hard to gain our Platinum School Games award and whilst doing this we have taken part in a wide variety of sporting competitions. We have been able to represent our school in a number of different activities and have been extremely success which has meant we have also taken part in the Manchester Summer and Winter Youth Games.


All children are given the opportunity to attend a number of trips and meet a number of visitors each year which support their understanding of a topic and enhance their learning. These trips range from

As a school, we are also lucky enough to have a number of opportunities for enhancing the curriculum on our doorstep and you will often find us searching the local area to develop a better understanding of where we live. Daisy Nook and Failsworth Library are two of the places we love to visit regularly!

Over the year, we also organise for individual specialists to come into school to share their knowledge and expertise with the children. We have developed a number of local links with outside sports clubs who provide taster sessions to the children and we have even been lucky enough to welcome Olympic Gold Medallist, and local girl, Nicola White to talk about her journey.


In Year 6, the children have the opportunity to spend the weekend at Robinwood. This is always an amazing experience which allows the children the opportunity to really push themselves out of their comfort zone and develop a strong level of resilience and perseverance.

Choral Speaking

Each year, a number of classes take part in the Oldham School’s Choral Speaking Festival. Higher Failsworth has been extremely successful when taking part in the festival and have been fortunate enough to bring home a number of awards due to their fantastic performances!

We also hold a yearly choral speaking festival in school which all children take part in. We invite guest judges to provide feedback to the children and celebrate all of the hard work and effort they have put into learning and performing their poems.

Outdoor Learning

We are extremely fortunate at Higher Failsworth to have a large amount of ground which even contains a small forest! The children get the opportunity to use this to support their learning and provide a stimulus for topics. We also run forest school sessions to help children understand risk taking, develop their confidence and boost their self-esteem.

Music Service

Each week, a member of the Oldham Music Service joins us to teach our Year 4 children to play either a clarinet or a brass instrument. As the children move into Year 5 onwards, a small number of children continue to develop these skills through the wider opportunities programme.

Cookery Room

Our school also has a cookery room which the children can use in class and during clubs. They use the time to develop their cookery skills as well as a better understanding of what it means to be healthy.

Daily Mile

We encourage every class to get outdoors every day by participating as a school in the Daily Mile. It’s a social activity where the children run or jog, at their own pace, for 15 minutes every day and it improves focus in the classroom. The Daily Mile is fully-inclusive meaning all children can take part regardless of their fitness and the daily activity will help improves the physical and mental health of children.

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