Values and Ethos

Higher Failsworth Primary School’s Vision is to learn, respect, enjoy, achieve and be healthy together.

  • To create a happy learning environment which is warm, caring and welcoming
  • To teach children to mix easily with other children and adults, and help them recognise the enjoyment and satisfaction to be gained from working with others.
  • To help children develop a measure of independence, a sense of self-worth and the confidence to be self-critical; to encourage them to take increasing responsibility for their own learning and to become contributing, autonomous and self-motivated members of society.
  • To help children develop confidence in co-operating, negotiating and seeing things from more than one point of view; to encourage confidence in exercising initiative.
  • To foster awareness of their interaction with, and responsibility for, the immediate and wider environment.
  • To offer all pupils equality of opportunity; to reflect and value cultural diversity and use it to enrich children’s experience and understanding; to help recognise and counter discrimination and prejudice of all kinds.
  • To establish an environment in which teachers, pupils, parents, carers, governors, other colleagues in education and non-teaching staff can work together to achieve this vision.

Our vision forms a core part of our School Development Plan. We evaluate our plan every year. You can find our latest plan here.


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