At Higher Failsworth, we value every pupil and the contribution they have to make. As a result, we aim to ensure that every child achieves success and that all are enabled to develop their skills in accordance with their level of ability.

Mathematics is both a key skill within school, and a life skill to be utilised throughout every person’s day to day experiences. Therefore we strive to ensure all children have a secure understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics and build on these to reach their full potential.

The aims of the national curriculum state that all pupils should:

  • Become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics.
  • Reason mathematically.
  • Solve problems by applying their mathematics.


From understanding the needs of our school and its pupils, and listening to the aims of the national curriculum, we have created a set of intentions for our school’s maths curriculum.

  • To provide children with the skills needed to develop a fluent knowledge of arithmetic understanding.
  • To provide children with transferable maths skills which will support them in the wider world.
  • To develop children’s resilience in regards to problem solving.

In order to achieve our intentions, we have clear routines which are used throughout school.


Throughout their time at Higher Failsworth, our children will be taught maths in a supportive and engaging way using a variety of tools and supports to develop their understanding. Some of the things they access will also be introduced as a part of their home learning, to strengthen their understanding and the relationship between home and school. Please make sure you are encouraging your children to access this home learning to ensure they are able to embed their learning and become fluent with their knowledge.

Arithmetic Time

Each class takes part in 15 minutes of arithmetic recap over the course of the day. During this time they embed lots of knowledge that they have learnt previously and get the chance to practice their fluency. The learning is often done practically and in a way that gets the children excited and engaged in their maths.

Power Maths and White Rose Maths Hub

Our school uses a mixture of Power Maths and White Rose Maths to support the children’s learning.  These are schemes which look to develop children’s reasoning and understanding skills.


Numbots is a game based platform that helps children develop fluency with their basic number facts. When they log in, the children can access a variety of games that help them to improve their maths skill and earn coins which they can spend in the shop. All children, from Nursery to Year 2, can have their own unique log in username and password. Please ask your teacher if you need to know yours.

Times Tables Rockstars

Times Tables Rockstars is a fun and engaging way for the children to learn their multiplication facts. In school they have daily tests to improve their fluency and at home they can play games to win coins and buy items for their avatar Rock Hero! All children, from Year 2 upwards, have their own unique log in username and password. Please ask your teacher if you do not know yours. You can log into to Times Tables Rockstars here.

Maths of the Day

Maths of the Day is a practical resource which allows teachers to use maths through sport to promote understanding and engagement. The activities help to keep the children active and really develop a love for maths!

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