Breakfast Club


We offer a daily Breakfast Club at school to ensure all children have the opportunity to have a healthy breakfast to start the day.

“Getting the best start to the day by having a good breakfast is an important part of being healthy. But many of us are missing out, choosing breakfast options that are high in sugar or fat, or not having anything at all. Eating breakfast gives us the energy we need until lunchtime and can help to cut-down on snacking throughout the morning. But many of us are missing out, choosing breakfast options that are high in sugar or fat, or not having anything at all.” Change4Life

Children have access to a range of foods which change regularly but may include toast or other bread based products (such as bagels and crumpets), yoghurt and yoghurt drinks, fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals, fruit juices, milk and water.

Breakfast club also gives children the opportunity to socialise, mix with their friends, play games and have a relaxed start to the school day. We find punctuality and attendance improves when children attend breakfast club.

Breakfast club is available to all children every day from 8.30-8.50am. The cost is 50p a day and you should pay in advance for this service through ParentPay. The charges will be added to your ParentPay account on a daily basis after your child has attended.

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