Our Curriculum

Whilst we follow the National Curriculum, our curriculum is unique because it is shaped for our children. We aim to provide the children with a curriculum which is broad, well balanced and above all stimulates the children to learn. Through a positive and caring environment, we provide the opportunity for every child to achieve the best they possibly can. Learning at Higher Failsworth Primary School is based around exciting topics and themes which immerse children in engaging and meaningful experiences. Our themes are designed so that children are involved in a wide range of collaborative and independent learning experiences. Our school values are integral to developing confident, healthy, well-rounded citizens. Our curriculum has been designed to offer a range of experiences to ensure our children benefit from a full range of activities which will enrich their lives and live successfully in the ever changing world. Lessons are stimulating and interesting where children work collaboratively yet developing their independence.

In Early Years, we follow the EYFS curriculum and from Key Stage 1, we follow the National Curriculum and ensure that every child receives an appropriate mix of academic and personal development placing equal importance on core and foundation subjects. This means that at Higher Failsworth Primary children will be well rounded successful young people who will be confident to tackle any challenge they may face.

Teachers plan the curriculum around a rolling programme of topics to ensure coverage of selected topics by all children who progress through the school. Where possible, teachers organise each term’s learning under a theme, with a particular subject ‘leading’ this. They work hard to ensure the children make connections between and within subjects. This enables children to broaden their skills and knowledge simultaneously. In order to ensure continuity and progression across subjects, each curriculum area has a subject leader and the whole curriculum is monitored by our Deputy Headteacher responsible for the curriculum.

Our curriculum will be made up of threshold concepts that will enable progression in knowledge, skills and understanding from Nursery to Year 6. These threshold concepts, as defined by Meyer & Land (2003) should:

  • Be transformative (shift a child’s perception of a subject)
  • Irreversible (a child could not return to viewing a concept in a more primitive way)
  • Integrative (demonstrates the interrelatedness of a subject area)
  • Bounded (defines the boundaries of a subject area)
  • Counter intuitive (their new understanding may conflict with previously held ideas)

In order to ensure continuity and progression across subjects, each curriculum area has a subject leader and the whole curriculum is monitored and improved by our Assistant Headteacher responsible for the curriculum.

Curriculum Teams
Core Subjects will have stand-alone teams.
English – Mrs O’Mara, Miss Prendergast and Mrs Gately (Writing); Mrs Lawson and Mrs Gleave (Reading); Mrs Coyne (Phonics).Maths – Miss Lees, Miss Green and Miss Appleton (Maths Lead).Science – Mrs Davey, Miss Cave and Mrs Arthur.

Wider Curriculum Teams
At Higher Failsworth Primary School, our school values are at the heart of our wider curriculum. Whilst each subject encompasses all school values, we have made curriculum teams dedicated to each value to ensure consistency, responsibility and opportunity for all.

The curriculum is filled with first hand purposeful experiences which enable children to expand their horizons and benefit from the breadth of opportunities available in our locality. These give children the chance to take on challenges and delve deeper to extend their expertise.


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