Governor Days

What is a Governor Day?

Twice a year a Governor day is organised, where all members of our School Governing Body are welcomed into school to spend the day looking at the work of the school in person. These days are an important part of our monitoring and evaluation and we really appreciate the time governors give up to do this. From experience we know that it enables them to feel better informed about how our school works and therefore better equipped to assist with the decision making process.

There is normally a broad theme to focus on during the day. They will observe a variety of aspects of school life which may include:

  • Breakfast club 8.30-8.50am
  • Particular chosen subject
  • EYFS outdoor provision
  • Classes using the Forest area
  • School Council meeting
  • After school clubs
  • Merit assembly
  • Talking with parents in the playground before and after school to gauge their opinions about school
  • Eating lunch with the children
  • “Shadowing” children in different year groups
  • “Shadowing” a subject across the school
  • “Shadowing” an area of school e.g. ICT Room
  • Playground “Duty”
  • Listening to readers
  • Talking to children about the work in their books
  • “Shadowing” admin staff at busy periods e.g. dealing with arrivals
  • Monitoring quality of displays
  • Monitoring behaviour in classes, around school and in the playground.
  • Reading a story to a group of children
  • Auditing resources

Sometimes we have a fire drill so they can observe a fire evacuation.

Governors feedback their experience of the day, what they have learnt, any action points they feel are necessary and what they think they could contribute to any improvements. We use this information as a school to review our processes and procedures and make changes.

We ask that Parent Governors do not go in areas where their own children are learning as this can be distracting for them.

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